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A Mosquito fest is when there are swarms of mosquitoes and if you walk out the door you get attacked leaving you covered in itchy red bumps on your ass legs arms back stomach feet and every other part of your body. Even your face which is the worst because there even more itchy cause you cant itch them because you don't want a nasty scab on your face. Mosquito fests usually take place in the summer after its been raining.
Dude 1: Yo Mosquito fest '09 was the worst yet, I got attacked I counted in the mirror and I have like 200 bites just from walking out my backdoor!

Dude 2: Yeah man I haven't been outside in days I don't want any of the devils bumps!

Dude 1: I got like 7 on my face people are gonna think I have zits!

Dude 2: Mosquitoes are like the vampires of the real world! Fuck em!

Dude 1: Mosquito Fest is my least favorite holiday!

Dude 3: I hate mosquitoes they suck hairy nuts!
by coveredinbumps August 10, 2009
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