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A noun or a verb.

A Moses Magoo is one whose attention is preoccupied with the functions of a cellphone while walking, thus impeding the ability to focus on pedestrian traffic beyond one's own limited periphery, relying upon others to part, clearing a path before him or her.

This is a combined allusion to the biblical Moses, who parted the Red Sea and to the cartoon character Mister Magoo, who was notoriously near-sighted and resultantly accident prone.

To do a Moses Magoo is to cut someone off or to interfere in the smooth flow of pedestrian traffic because of a pre-occupation with a cellphone or similar device.
A true Moses Magoo, Charlie never sees beyond his nose while fidgetting with his cellphone and walking against the flow of traffic.

The guy in the green shirt Moses Magooed me, causing me to drop my drink.
by Cassiodorus September 18, 2012
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