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A term describing mormon events, church duties, religious practices, reading material, generally anything involving the mormon religion or culture.

Usually used by a mormon to a non-mormon who doesn't want further inquire further in his doings or whereabouts, because the non-mormon won't agree, or understand anyway.

Used by mormons to get out of something, and scapegoating it on their church.

Used my non-mormons to describe the behavior of a mormon, or to ridicule a non-mormon for exemplar behavior.
Non-Mormon: Want to hang out this Sunday?
Mormon: Nah dude, I have mormon stuff to do.

Non-Mormon: What are you reading?
Mormon: Mormon Stuff

Non-Mormon: Want to go to the bar with me tonight?
Mormon: I'll pass. I have mormon stuff to do.

Non-Mormon 1: Let's go to the strip club.
Non-Mormon 2: Nah, I have mormon stuff to do.

Sherie to a girlfriend: Jim didn't want to go for a late night skinny dip at the lake, he had better mormon stuff to do.
by grace52775 August 24, 2011
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