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When a group of mormons(usually young naive teenagers) accost a person either in the open or in a setting such as a social media. they attack with a good sound brow-beating about such things as "the (supposed) truth of the church" ..."fullness of their(supposed) gospel", and "the love of their (evil) god. using such assaults as "go pray with full conviction, and real intent"...and god will tell you the cult is true.

these gangsters have absolutely no concept of reality, and will continue their barrage of intellect-free socialist tactics until one is (a) converted (b) forced out of sheer exasperation to lie and say they've converted (c) totally driven mad by the constant onslaught of senceless rhetoric, and naive self-assuredness in their idiotic belief.

There is no help for these poor naive cult members as most have been bombarded most of the day every day since birth with the same rhetoric. with most cult members they refuse to listen to anything that doesn't fit into their sad lie of a conviction. there is no way to prove to these poor brainwashed children that they look completely they have been undergoing the same proceedures since birth and this idiocy has been far too well ingrained by their predecessors. no logic or reason will sway them from their "Flashmob Mentality" once A Single One Of Them Brings Up The Topic Of(written in mormon phenetics) "TH'Chrch".
In yet another Mormon Flash Mob..Zachery states:" I "KNOW" the church is true because I've been practicing it fully since my girlfriend took me to church two weeks ago Mike.
Amber, Misty, Daniel, Terry,Jane, Angela, Celeste, Mica, Hank, Brennan(and about 15 others then chime in with a continual barrage of how proud they are of Zachery for his "Great Understanding Of The "Fullness Of The Gospel'...and how great it is that Zachery has reached a "Higher Plane Of Truth"..etc..etc...etc... (until one of the 3 lettered things in the deffinition above occurs.
by Decultifier August 16, 2011
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