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A shitty place in West Virginia.. In fact, its sooo shitty that thers nothing to do or see, the place is filled with a bunch fucking rednecks, bunch of whites who might be racists, the malls dont even have a Zumiez.. Wow even Idaho has Zumiez all over their malls.... but really thank God I wasn't raised in West Virginia, I was raised in the most beautiful state of all states..... CALIFORNIA Motherfuckers!!!!! West Virginia can't afford it nor its shitty littke redneck & non rednecks. So please, avoid moving to West Virginia especially if your black cause there isn't any I believe, and because there's nothing to see or nothing to do..
Bro: Ey bruh, where you from?
Redneck Faggot: Morgantown, WV
Bro 1: WTF!! seriously bruh
Redneck Faggot: Yep I hate it, I regret being there
Bro: Man i thank God I was born in Los Angeles, CA
Redneck Faggot: Yea I wish I was born in California
Bro: Hahahaha! you faggot!!!
by Synyster Spanky December 24, 2011
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