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A serious person who will know how to cheer people up, even when they cannot have their own happiness. They are good leaders and very independent, but occasionally will ask for help. They are communicative and witty; they love the company of others. They can adapt to their surroundings without hesitation. They are youthful and lively; they are the type to follow their heart rather than mind. They love to have fun and can be the life of the party at times. On the other side of a Morganna; They are Nervous and tense, Superficial and inconsistent; they tend to be a little narcissistic, and Cunning and inquisitive.
"My Best friend, Morganna, she is the most fun person and most talkative; she is such a kid at heart. She cares most about her friends than herself."
by DefintionQueen March 13, 2009
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