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Moremi is a female Nigerian name for one who is loyal, kind, and true. She is a strong (physically, mentally, and spiritually) independent woman whose purpose in life is to educate and enlighten while having fun. Moremis tend to love reading, travel, shopping, music, dance, and the preforming arts.

Gifted articulators, they usually do well in public affairs meetings and other arenas where speech is required. Language usually is one of their strong suits, be it English, French, Nigerian, Spanish, or Japanese. Whenever a moremi decides to take up a foreign language, watch out, because she will rock your world!

A woman named Moremi will be a natural leader, an asset to any company or school. She will charasmatically bring order to chaos and a sense of calm to an otherwise disharmonious setting. It is a blessing to have a Moremi run your company, be the editor of your newspaper, or lead your country. With her strong sense of morals and quick wit, she's a natural at raising children and creating a warm and loving household for her family.
"Man, who is that beautiful black woman in that stylin' outfit walking down the street?" person 1.
"That's Moremi, CEO of Green Planets through Green Actions corporation. She's just coming from a board meeting and is headed to lunch," person 2.
"Man o Man, what I would give to have lunch with that hot Mama," person 1.
"Good luck with that. You're lucky to get this close to her. That powerhouse of a woman is already married to Mr. McKinsey, the most powerful black man in America besides the president himself," person 2.
by M. L. February 04, 2010
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