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Juan Pablo the plump, friendly, moustached Mexican man adds a spicy Latino flavour to the slot game More Chilli.

Pablo’s cheeky antics never fail in making you feel like you’ve just taken a trip to the white sands of Mexico, Chugging tequila, while your wide brimmed sombrero shades you from the hot blazing sun.

There’s almost no greater feeling in life then when Pablo pops up on your screen after the three golden money bags simultaneously appear. Pablos bushy moustache has to be some of the most impressive face lace to don any computer screen. This quality liphostery seemly propping up his oversized schnoz all enclosed by alcohol derived rosy cheeks.

Pablo’s cry’s of “morrrrreeeeee chilllllli” never disappoints, it will have you feeling as happy as a fat kid in a donut factory.
On the excitement scale where are you from 0 to Pablo the more chilli man
by OkayFankyou June 02, 2018
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