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A girl that is friends with a girl a lot younger than her and that's her only friend. They never mature and insult people that they don't like and are ignorant about anybody's personal lives.
"Hey Janet (8 yrs. old)." "Hey Marie (13 yrs. old".
Marie- This kid is trying to be friends with this cool kid in order to be cool but we really too ignorant to realize that he's trying to put his life back on track.
Janet- Lets gossip and talk to the kid's friends behind his back because we have nothing else to do.
Marie- Yeah and let's make sure we never mature enough to understand the true meaning of this.
Janet- I wouldn't be surprised if they all told us off and called us mopest(s).
Janet- Yes
by TheLimitationFighter July 14, 2011
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A girl who only hangs out with another girl and will always be an annoying little girl for the rest of her life. She usually is a bitch and a loser.
"I don't hang out with anyone else"- Mary
"Wow your such mopest"- Alexa
by THEREALBOSE July 14, 2011
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