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A somber creature usually found amongst the Wittenberg University community that sheds an Eeyore persona and while inebriated he becomes fluent in Spanish. His interests include: eating, cuddling, sleeping, and dressing in his sophistifun wardrobe. A nomadic enigma, Mopey has been reportedly sighted in many states east of the Mississippi. Recent empirical evidence suggests that the Mopealope can only successfully breed within his species, however, the reproductive habits of the Mopealope have not been observed in the wild. While little is known about the Mopealope, it has been foretold that he is loyal and enchanting.
Mopealope is a noun and the Latin root for it is Tertius Cadena Portero.

Steve: "Did you see that sad thing?"

Blake: "Yeah, I think it's one of those Mopealope things."
by sstelzman May 13, 2011
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