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A cult that is based on moot. Like christianity there are the ten comootments instead of the ten commandments. These laws must be adhered to or removal from the cult will occur. This cult was created at a yr 11 retreat by three boys, this united all the boys in the year and was the only experience that made retreat enjoyable. This cult has spread around quickly and has adherents from the age of 12 to 18. The Ten Comootments are;

1. Thou shall always raise
2. Thou must use the word moot in vein

3.Thou shall give moot respect five times a day
4. Thou must acknowledge with moot in and moot out
5. Thou must cleanse thy moot every full moot
6. Thou shall not be tempted by the anti moot
7. Thous shall not touch the black moot (benin)
8. Thou shall not touch the hairy moot (benin)
9. Thou must make the pilgramootige to moot
10. Thou must mootidate by yelling moot at 4:20pm only
Founders: lk,tb,nd

Mootology is a very complex religion with a large amount of haters/antimoot and thou must not be tempted by the antimoot and failure to do so results in the immediate removal from the cult. Mootology is one of the fastest growing cults in australia and is gaining followers exponentially. It is where one finds true fulfillment in life. All praise moot! Benin means haram/not allowed
"Mootology has changed my life"
Mootology is the fastest growing cult in Australia
by MrAnony September 19, 2013
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