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Out of control, freshly showered, relaxed and saggy junk used to torment wife or significant other before they have a chance to enjoy their morning coffee.
Best hidden under your towel or robe, or while hiding around the corner in the nude after emerging from your morning shower.
When your wife/other emerges groggy eyed and tired from bed, this is the prime time to attack them with your Moose-Donkey.
Swing it around, flash it at them, threaten them with it, etc... Just keep repeating "Moose-Donkey" while you torment your half alert victim.
The old lady was brewing a pot of coffee this morning when I came running into the kitchen in my towel, tossed it to the floor, and tormented her with the almighty Moose-Donkey.
by RIGHTWINGJOE April 04, 2011
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