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The name given to a person who genuinely and fervently believes that the USA never landed on the moon, despite the massive volume of evidence to the contrary. When questioned on their beliefs a moontard will respond differently depending on the severity of their delusion, some merely claiming that the landings were faked in hollywood studios so that the USA could "win" the space race early, others claiming that early missions to the moon found an alien civilization there and as a result of threats to the earth by this race the moon landings were faked to avoid interstellar war. All in all these people are idiots who use pseudo-scientific drivel to authenticate their claims, such as the proposed lethality of the Van Allen belt.
Moontard - "The moon landings were faked!"
Person - "But what about the fact that modern telescopes are capable of making out the landing site, the fact that there is a mirror positioned on the moon's surface exactly where NASA said they positioned it and the vast photographic and video evidence which you seem to believe is CGI, despite them being broadcast in the 1960s."
Moontard - "But look at this video, the flag is waving!"
Person - "Well yes, that is a result of microgravity, and out of interest, why did the russians not notice the USA never got to the moon, since they had the technology to track the whole journey"
Moontard - "Nixon bribed the entire USSR to never talk!"
by JF Dangerfield November 28, 2009
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a. A moon faced retard.


b. someone who is retarded that comes from the moon.

first coined by sir Alfred Clamb in 1823 on his expedition to Tunisia. He wrote in a letter to his sweetheart that 'Tunisia is Lovely but there is this moontard what keeps following me round. It's fucking me up and i cant get my chill on'
hiya mate, you look like a moontard. do you wanna suck my dad's dick?
by panda dom June 19, 2009
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