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Derived from the term "moog" referring to a zombie state of mind. A moog is one who is: A.) really stoned. B.) twisted beyond belief. or C.) One who wakes up after a night of unrememberable partying.

Moogz are the people of a revolution that will never die. Either join the revolution or they will "eat you alive".
"What's up up moog?"
"I'm moog'n reeeeeeal hard..."
"Look at all these f*cHing moogz!!"
I'm a moog, he's a moog, shes a moog, were all Moogz.
by Murchadhallaz August 05, 2011
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North Sydney slang basically meaning wanker/rapist/dickhead
John Howard is a complete moogz. = John howard is a complete wanker/rapist?/dickhead.
by Jonothan Lang June 13, 2006
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There can be several terms refering to the word 'Moogz'.
A couple are:
1.Herpes, the sexually transmitted disease nicknamed 'Moogz'.

2.A patch of greasy hair growing out of a strange place on the Human body.
1. Shayne... That chick I was with last night gave me the Moogz...

2. OH MANNN! I've got some Moogz growing at the bottom of my sack!
by Akeel Raja July 27, 2006
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