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A very sexy disease contracted from the Montinator. This disease has no cure and never will. The effects of the disease will make you ultra strong while pumping iron.
I contracted Montz from a Montinator yesterday.
by The Montinator June 04, 2004
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A shit hole town in Louisiana. It only has one store and the rest is basically houses, woods, and trailer parks. The teenagers mostly all smoke to be cool and usually ride four wheelers to attempt to look bad ass.
Rachel: "Hey you live in Montz right?"
Gavin: " Oh yeah, Totally gay"
Rachel: " That sucks."
by Rachelqwertyuiop June 27, 2011
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Montz is a little itty bitty town on the outskirts of Norco. It is like a big dust bowl. At times it gets very boring because ther is nothing to do. The only fun thing they have a a little beach, but its kind of funky with its dirty water.
I just visited that funky beach in Montz!
by missmissmissyelliot May 21, 2011
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