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Montgomery township, is quite possibly one of the most boring towns in all of existence, and although the people are pretty decent, you won't like it unless you like dull suburbs with the nearest town (or shop) being out of biking distance. All the parks are deserted, and even the huge bazillion acre Montgomery Park is rarely populated. There is a elementary school (Orchard hill), a higher elementary school (Village Schools), a lower middle school (5-6) (LMS (Lower Middle School), an upper middle school (7-8) (UMS (Upper Middle School), and a huge high school. A lot of the kids are pretty chill although a lot try to act tough and/or ghetto. Bordering princeton, that is often the most fun local hangout spot, although someones parent needs to give a ride. There are complexes that are a pain to navigate through such as Pike Run, and Cherry Valley. Cherry valley is like the opposite of pike run, and those who think they live in pike run think they are badass and/or ghetto. If you live in cherry valley then you will get a $200 fine for leaving your soccer ball out on your lawn. (exaggeration, but not by too much.) If you move to belle mead you are REALLY unlucky, but if you move to skillman or princeton then you are fine, as you are within walking/biking distance of your friends houses.
Person 1: Yo dude lets chill with some other peeps in Montgomery Township
Person 2: Can your parents drive us?
Person 1: Naww, but we can walk, right?
Person 2: No we can't. We live in Belle Mead.
by Lolnuts3000 March 20, 2010
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