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1. Biscuit

2. Stress Relief

3. Popular party trick

4. A delicious and creamy biscuit forged in the deep mountains of the Himalayas. Believed to have cured cancer in many provinces, the Monte Carlo was a historic treat for many civilizations. The Monte Carlo had been transported via donkey in the late 1800's from the Himalayan mountains; most notably the Tibet region - to Munich, Germany. A man had over time on the long journey from both countries experienced an extremely sore anus ah-noos and had an idea to re-leave this pain. Thus the creaminess of the Monte Carlo was used as he placed it and several others of similiar size right up his anus anoos. As people witnessed his glorified facial expressions after delivering such a release of uncomfort, many people have associated the Monte Carlo with pain and stress relief and in other cases also strange pleasures.
"Michael, I am having a real hard time today." says man 1.

"Here enjoy a Monte Carlo mohn-tay cah-low to relieve you from that back pain". says man 2.

"You mean anus ah-noos pain!" says man1.

"Ah yes my bad." says man 2.
by Henry III May 26, 2014
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