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A media (film/radio/videogame) editing technique that rapidly accentuates the successes/failures of a certain situation or scene(s), event(s) by montage.

Bad 80s or early 2000s music as overdub.

Star Wipes as Transitions

Alot of praying, fistpumps and celebrating with the opponent's fans and home team fans alike.
Cut the fat! No Coverage! We are over budget, tell Steve in editorial to shift to Montage Mode stat. We need this out by 7. Baracuda by Heart is fine."

A star athlete is born in a distant, foreign, eastern place moves to America in pursuit of the American dream with his large Eastern family, gets bullied and picked on, no girls, no love, his friends abandon him, he gets into Harvard, tries out for the Golden State Warriors and gets cut, after persistence, hardwork and focus becomes an International Social Media and Professional Athletic Superstar, gets the big job in the Big Apple, gets the girl and gets the fame. Now get this down in editorial. Montage Mode. and have it out by 7!

Running Behind people. Montage Mode. Have it out by 7.

Cue Montage Mode
by carmichaelreid February 15, 2012
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