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Someone who...

1. Believes that an individual should not have power or control over another but that Government should have control over the entire population.

2. Thinks that people should not attempt to overthrow the Government unless it is oppressing it's citizens and crossed the line in doing so.

3. Believes that all people should be free but that certain people should be given more choices than others.

4. Enforces the idea of Eugenics

5. Believes that big business and Government should have more power than anyone else.

6. Believes that individuals should be allowed to make the same amount of money and pay the same taxes, but that The Government should have greater power and wealth than it's citizens.

Yeah, it's pretty complicated.
Monotarians are equally loved and hated the same by Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians.
by Stephan J. February 02, 2015
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