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Affluent area in central NJ on the beach. Approx. 85% white, mostly Italian/Irish. Ranges from about exits 98-120 on the Garden State Parkway. Partly beach towns (Spring Lake, Sea Girt, Manasquan, Belmar) and partly towns with big open areas and lots of farms (Wall, Holmdel, Colts Neck). For the most part BEAUTIFUL and completely defies the misconception that NJ is dirty or disgusting.

The "guido" stereotype associated with NJ doesn't apply here. That MTV show "Jersey Shore" is totally inaccurate. It's showing tourists, not residents. There are of course exceptions because of the large Italian community. But chances are if you see a guido/guidette, he/she is from North Jersey or Long Island clogging up our highways with traffic and invading our beaches. Speaking of the beach, it's a big part of the culture here. People in the northern half of the county typically go to beach clubs, but those in the southern half keep it a little more real with just regular beaches.

Good nightlife, especially in towns like Red Bank & Asbury Park. RB always has concerts in Riverside Park in the summer, great shopping, etc. AP, once beautiful, then destroyed by drugs/poverty, has made a big comeback and provides awesome entertainment. Restaurants on Cookman are fantastic. The infamous Stone Pony holds multiple concerts weekly.

Great place to live. Ideal for people who want to work in industrial areas (close to NYC & Philly), but prefer to live in a quieter, prettier location.
Person 1: Where are you from?
Person 2: Bergen County.

Person 1: Oh. That sucks. I'm from Monmouth County.
Person 2: Shit, that reminds me, I need to go spray tanning and get my eyebrows waxed before going down the shore.

"Our life is your vacation"
by mickey999 November 18, 2009
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A US County located in Central New Jersey that is a utopia of upper-middle class Catholics and Jews due to the high population of Italians and Irish and of course Jewish people coming down from New York City. Monmouth County is quite a wealthy area and is your typical suburbia.
Housewive From Monmouth County
"Oh my Gawd, guess what I'm doing today? I'm going out with my girlfriends while my husband works and i sit on my fat ass.
by dppilot January 07, 2008
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