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A place down by the shore that was made because spring lake and manasquan had some land left over mainly its a place for old people to drive there golf carts to the beach its not a place for kids to party.
Sea Girt NJ
by Jballa36069 July 04, 2010
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A small town on the Jersey Shore between affluent Spring Lake and middle-class Manasquan where everybody in the town knows each other and people always say hello to random people who they don't even know. Sea Girt keeps the bennies from North Jersey and New York out by charging an arm and a leg for beach badges and the town does not have any hotels. The only way to get on that beach is if you live there or if you have "connections" with people that do. 44% of the residents are Irish, and everybody there goes to Sunday Mass at St. Marks. Sea Girt is also known for its attractive ladies. Most houses in Sea Girt are over $1 dollars. The town is divided by the east and west side of the railroad tracks. The west side has capes and ranches and smaller lots, but they are always stickin' it to the rich snobs from the easties.
"We be representin' Sea Girt"
"Those girtheads never get off that damn beach"
"Represent the west side"
"West Side pride, baby"
"Im from the Easties"
by Girthead January 25, 2009
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