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Monk's Wool Threads are the individual, long, stringy, wooly Pubes of a male with Monk's Wool. Monk's Wool Threads are intentionally pulled and plucked out while the male is using the restroom (Urinating or Defecating). The Pubes are removed intentionally and then left behind on the top of the Urinal or on the Toilet Seat or Toilet Rim for others to see and enjoy.
Frank always made it a point to visit public restrooms when he was out and about town. His favorite past time was to share his Monk's Wool with others and doing a little leave behind each time he used a facility. Frank was especially fond of leaving his four inch long, slightly curled Monk's Wool Threads on top of the Urinal.
by Tugg N. Harder April 24, 2014
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