Words do not justify how much of a French fucking nonse a monier is. This French faggot is know to carry a laser pen in which he shines into students eyes while exclaiming the dreaded phrase “meep”. His asshole is full of black fluid like a pain au chocolat from all the times he gets his cheeks beat by mrs Franklin. He has no friends and at the age of 37 still drives a fucking corsa. My guys beard looks like his barber had a seizure half way through. His second favourite would be “comment dit on” otherwise known as him requesting you to go sit on his swc and sweaty ball sack. This 40 year Old clearly cross dresses in his spear time and has a strong fetish for smelly banglashies who do not shower. Every Wednesday I wear my bad boy tracksuit and hoop in the cpa gotta show these young g’s how we did it back in Francais
We have monier next...oh Ye let me just kill my self first.
by Viva Perrault December 6, 2018
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People who are really slow. They love to date people who are Asian. They also have small weewees.
Wow your weewee makes you a monier.
by iCantBelieveItIzFridayBoys November 3, 2017
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