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Mongontos(as) Are known for breaking into houses and cars, extreme Mongontos have been known to kill cops. They are identified by the large "M" carved into their back using a butterfly knife. Many also carve things into their neck or cheeks to express their loyalty to the whole Mongonto family.They believe themselves to be oppressed heroes. Rich white kids are the most common kind of Mongonto (or Mongonta depending on your sex) but also other races. Being a mongonto is not limited to your race or skin color. True Mongontos never kill unless are threatened by a cop. Many times are children of drug dealers. Mostly found in the UK. The band "GaijinLondon" is said to be the main band and common tune of all Mongontos. Their music is said to go straight to a true Mongontos soul and influence how they commit their "crimes" and what they steal. Their official weapon is the butterfly knife. Many of the igrls seductive clothing which in case of a cop ruining their plans there is still a hope of getting close to him and seducing him, close enough to get away that is.
"The mongonto broke into my house and stole my grandfather clock, I knew she was a mononto because i saw the M scar on her back."
by Mongonta4_eva August 03, 2009
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