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Any Instagram account run by a mom usually following lots of wine accounts, posting pictures of children, pets, or feet after a pedicure, and commenting things like "wow DEBBY! What a nice pic of your family! Miss the kids!"
I was scrolling through my feed my mom had posted a picture of her wine glass with the caption "After a long day🍷❤️". Her account is a total momstagram.
by jay ray May 12, 2015
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When your mom gets and Instagram specifically to stalk you and judge your friends. She may also compare you to your friends and say stuff like, "Look at that guy you should be more like him." She may also follow various organization accounts to inspire her. She will find many ways to find you on social media and then after that she will make a fake Twitter to follow you.
You can't post that! My Momstagram will see it!
by hotdog827 May 20, 2015
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