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The definiton of a "Mommaluke" Is someone who consistantly screws up know matter what he or she is doing. You can help this person a thousand times and yet they just cant get it right. Then they complain to you or at you about it as if its your fault.
Tommy is such a "mommaluke", I dont know how he has survived this long.
by JC4436 October 10, 2005
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To play the role of a pansey, fool or sucker. Made famous during the movie of "Raging Bull", but in fact, the term came from the 1959 movie "The Nuns Story", starring Audrey Hepburn, a young nun, name Sister Luke Gabrielle van der Mal) who became known as "Mama Luke" by the African natives she helped, but was then sent back to Europe during WW2 to work as a nurse. While her religious order prevented her from actively taking sides, she had to nurse both Allied and German soldiers back to health, even though her brother was brutally killed by the German soldiers. She was morally prevented from taking revenge, hence, the term "Mama Luke".
"If I don't defend myself, I will appear to be a "Momma Luke"! They'll call me a chicken!"
by Al Knecht November 07, 2007
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