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When there is a PDA. Someone kisses, or compliments, or hold hands it counts as molustation. When shown, or you've seen an act of lust, you have been molusted.
Girl: Oh, David, I love you!
Boy: Oh Madi, I love you too!
by randomchica123 January 16, 2011
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When freshly bared skin reveals one or several disgusting moles.
Usually Sarah is hot, but when we go to the beach she is a little molusting.

Joe: Hey, so did you hook up with that chick last night?
Dave: Yeah, when she took off her shirt I was a little molusted, but I turned off the lights and ploughed anyways.

Victoria turned away in molust when Phil took off his shirt to work on his tan.
by Jacob4564 February 08, 2010
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