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A molly ball (or mollyball, one word) is the pure form of the chemical MDMA (commonly referred to as ecstasy) which has been rolled into the center of a ball of some type of food and then eaten. This may include, but is certainly not limited to:




-Bread Dough

- Dinner Rolls


-Macaroni and Cheese

-Spherical Empanadas


In addition, 'Mollyball' may be modified to become the verb "mollyballing" or "playing mollyball".

The word itself may also be shortened to either "MolBall" (pronounced 'mall-ball') or "MB"s.
"-Hey, did you bring the molly balls for tonight?

-Yup. Macaroni and cheese MBs, my nigga."
by charzobrado December 23, 2010
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Some kind of round ball-like hippy food.
" *woah... Hey man.... I jus like ate this crunchy Molly ball and like I'm so full... Ahaha"
by Billy Vee June 22, 2006
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