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An emoji that looks like a moon. If you send this emoji three times to someone via text, then that person will get a message from Molester Moon describing their death in other emojis. For example, if you sent it to your friend and then Molester Moon sent them a chicken, a monkey, two red balloons, and an explosion. Somehow they will die like this. If you are sent these three emoji moons and recieve the way of how you're gonna die, Molester Moon will then visit you in the night and kill you as you were described. He normally shouts "I'm gonna molest you!....Here I come!" multiple times in a row. Molester Moon in real life is as tall as a human but very round, for he is a moon, and he has arms and legs. If you hide in your room and he can't get in because of how big he is, then he'll just leave.
To find out more about Molester Moon, visit or watch their video entitled "Molester Moon" to find out their story about Molester Moon.
Person 1: (sends three moon emojis) Ha! Now you're gonna die!
Person 2: Oh no!!! Molester Moon's gonna find me!
Later that night
*Molester Moon sends this to person one*
"☀ ☁ ☔ ⛄ ⚡ 🌀 🌂 🌙 🌟"
Person 2: Oh god, I'm gonna die from severe weather storms and then an umbrella's gonna shove a moon and star up my ass!!!!!
Molester Moon: I'm gonna molest you! Here I come!
Person 2: NOOOOOO
*person 2 dies*
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