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A badass big-lipped cat-man from the 1983 Canadian animated film "Rock and Rule", originally designed to make fun of Mick Jagger, but Mick wanted to sue, so Mok was only referred to as "Mok the Magic Man" instead of "Mok Swagger". Mok Swagger was a super rocker, but snapped when he realized his last concert wasn't completely filled (I think the DVD said, one seat was empty, so he got angry). He goes on a rampage and kidnaps the heroine of the film, Angel, and uses her voice to raise Satan from the depths of Hell to rule the world. Of course, the hero, Omar, sings with Angel and Satan is sent back. One of Mok's goons throws him into Hell. He tries to get back onto land, though, but Omar and Angel watch, not bothering to help him as he struggles to climb back up and eventually falls into Hell.
Mok Swagger: "*still trying to climb back up, but slipping deeper and deeper into Hell* The magic of one voice.. one heart.. one song.. but there is.. no.. one! *lets go and falls into Hell*"
by Sheaton August 12, 2011
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