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He's probably the most hilarious, easy-going, intelligent, striking and exceptional human being you have ever met in your entire life. He says that he is a lonely stoner but is the opposite of lonely because he is constantly surrounded by his awesome gym class lowlife friends. The use of marijuana in his everyday activities makes him the curious, weird, creative and incredible person he is today. He is always zoned out in his own world. He has a dope taste in music and likes to listen to a lot of underground artists, but his favorite artist has to be Kid Cudi. Mohaimen is very tall, almost 6 feet actually and his favorite color is blue. He likes to think about life and all it's possibilities. You can find him on his PS3 playing 2k13 or just roaming around looking for a good time. He has a bad memory, but can remember the important things. He has a very deep voice but it sounds really cool. Mohaimen is a handsome guy and is also a gentleman. He is a peacemaker and tries to avoid conflict. He is just a chill ass dude with good vibes and you can always feel comfortable being around him. A hobby of his includes collecting and selling sneakers. Mohaimen enjoys reading books but favors the thriller and mystery genre. He's interested in technology and computers and can see himself pursuing that in the future. He has a lot of things going for him. He's caring, kind and sweet. Mohaimen is somebody you want to hold onto because you'll never meet anybody like him.
Guy 1: "Dude why are you so dull and boring?"
Guy 2: "Idk man."
Guy 1: "Dude you need to chill with Mohaimen he's one dope ass dude!"
by Euphoric sensation October 06, 2012
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