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1. Used to describe famous Arabic persons

2. Used to describe something of high value

3. Renown

4. Illustrious

5. Esteemed

7. Flamboyant

6. Used to describe someone resembling a mystical apparition. A lore to most people, this fable called "Moh Money" has been known to frequent many "Poppin" locations such as; famous dance clubs and bars. They usually sport highly expensive designer wear such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, and Giorgio Armani. His native tongue is a cross between inner city dialects, also known as "Ebonics," and hip and fresh lingo used by many Sorority girls.

For example: "That's Gucci" and "that shits popped nigga."

He also tends to frequent mirrors in order to groom one self and flex. Many Sociologist and anthropologist are perplexed by this bizarre behavior. However Functionalists believe that the behavior is the outcome of natural selection and the drive to spread ones seed.
Moh Money has also been reported to have created a secret society known as "the Crew," the estimated membership is 4, however many conspiracy theorist believe the number to be much higher. Moh Money has also been know to fabricate alcoholic beverages out of nothing defying the conservation of matter. Although their are some skeptics, many leading theoretical physicist like Michio Kaku and Steven Hawkins believe this to be true.

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Friend 1: Hey Moh Money, did you want to come over and chill with your boys tonight?

MohMoney: Is that shit popping?

Friend 1: Ummm I don't know, its just the Crew, we are just chilling and drinking beer.

MohMoney: Is their girls?

Friend 1: Just come ya sober fuck!
MohMoney's Text: Call me right now. 9:55 AM

MohMoney's friend: Receives text instantly at 9:55 AM and calls him at 9:56 AM, doesn't pick up.
by SeanShizzleJr September 25, 2013
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