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Having sex doggy style while pushing tuna around your girlfriends back with your mouth whilst weeping from the eyes
Oi oi oi, did you hear Boyer pulled that E grade Clanger Tiffany again on Saturday night and pounded her snooch Moggy Style. He reckons it was sorta sweet cause he reckons her quim was positively saturated, but sorta not that sweet cause his room now stinks of two week old tuna. I dont even understand why he used two week old tuna man, surely fresh stuff is more appropriate. Seriously man, I don't get his gag man. He also reckons its sort of a tax because his aunties coming over for her weekly snooch and tuna inspection and I reckon hes gonna fail this week. I shit you not
by Ricky "Skidmarks" Finlayson March 25, 2008
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