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Someone who doesn't believe anything in the bible, doesn't go to church, sins on a regular basis, but believes god exists anyway. Pretty much an atheist who hasn't read the bible or ever considered that their parents lied to them.
Atheist: Have you actually read the bible?
Moderate Christian: No, but my priest said it was a good book because it says we shouldn't kill people or steal things.
Atheist: It also says you should beat your slaves and rape a virgin to make her your wife. Plus, every culture in existence has had provisions against killing and stealing.
Moderate Christian: It's my belief, you intolerant Atheist! You're so intolerant. Why can't you let me believe what I want? You're always coming to my door, buying tv networks, and teaching little kids that they will suffer forever if they aren't atheists.

(Agnostic joins in): Yeah you atheists are so intolerant. You can't prove there isn't a god.
Atheist: I wasn't trying to. I was only saying the bible is a pretty bad book; it condones slavery, rape, and mass murder.
Agnostic: INTOLERANT!!!!
by 666dmetal666 January 17, 2012
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