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Also known as the Mockers these are ethereal beings who ensure that those who proudly boast will come un-done. Most often used in a sporting context i.e. if a fan proudly or arrogantly proclaims that their team will win then the Mockers take notice and ensure a loss for their team.

This may lead to appeasement of the Mocker Gods where fans will feign humility even going so far as to claim underdog status in an attempt not to anger the Mocker Gods.

Another strategy often employed is to try and fool the Mocker Gods, this is done by actively espousing the virtues and obvious superiority of the team not supported by the fan. This strategy however is fraught with difficulty as the Mockers are not easily fooled, and their ire will be quickly roused.
Appeasement: "This game is going to be a real struggle; there are even matchups all over the field it is not going to be the blow out that some expect." – Context: one team heavily favored over the other the supporter of the favored team does not wish to raise the ire of the Mocker Gods by espousing their true feelings.

Fool: "Surely Team X must now be considered favorites to win the Cup" – Context: in a tight contest, somebody may loudly proclaim this in the hope of stirring the Mocker Gods into action against the mentioned team.
by Brabus02 September 25, 2011
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