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In Norway during the 1850's, the average citizen was poor, tired and uneducated. And last but not least they were bored and were looking for some way to reach something close to euphoria, during something other then sex. So a group of elderly women decided to try something new, and so the first Moaning Circle was born. A Moaning Circle consists of minimum 4 persons, all sitting in a circle. They sit about half an arms length away from each other, and everybody is completely naked. And once everybody is ready, you start masturbating the person sitting to your right. And the important thing is to moan, while, and whenever you feel pleasure. And once you reach your climax, you must let it take you away and let the primal beast within you scream with pleasure, while continuing to satisfy the person to your right. The idea is that you get a unison climax, and that the multiple satisfactory moans of your circle will take you to a new level of euphoria.
1. "MY GOD, i was in a Moaning circle with your sister the other day, and I must say she moans like a savage beast!"
by Norwegian Pecker December 24, 2009
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