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It mean "believer" in arabic. It is used as a male name,
it is also the name for a chain of restaurants in the middle east.
i'm going to visit my friend mo'men today
by Sweet Cherry May 04, 2010
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Probably one of the most beautiful people to have graced this planet, even though they might not know it. Shy, but

caring and giving, and an amazing friend. Loyal and compassionate, truthful and loving. Beautiful hair and a gorgeous

smile with beauty equivalent to a thousand shining stars. One look can get you lost in the endless heaven that is their

eyes. They might come off as hard to handle, or not friendly at first glance, but once you get to know them you will see

the true meaning of amazing.
Sarah: I was on a date with Momen last night

Damian: Damn that nigga so precious, he turn me gaylol
by psihomjm February 06, 2018
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A person who's mostly sad, sometimes people be making fun of his name, sometimes people are mean to him. He's a really nice and cool person, but the life was never good with him always was against him. He had some good moments in his life, but most of it was sad. No one really appreciates him.
Oh! I got a new pc. Ugh my internet isn't working at all. < sad life.
Hi Mo'men.

Hey man, how're you?
can you do me a favor?
Sure, what's up?
*After you've done the favor for him, never see him again*
by afriendofsomeone August 17, 2016
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An Arabic male name meaning "faithful believer". It is most relevant in terms of belief in Islam.
Most of the time, a person who is named Momen is ironically the opposite of the definition.
Momen can also refer to a boy who is arrogant and egocentric and acts black.
Momen sez hai. He sits neckst to negrahz.
by Mr. Poo January 12, 2008
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Momen is a CRACK HEAD.

Usually used in sentences like "Your such a Momen"
Momen is gay
by YourDarj April 18, 2018
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