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1) Another word for a ghetto fabulous woman of the female persuasian.
2)Often hits up the Kingsbridge Projects
3) See also: drama geek/ music geek.
4) Also a tropical fish off the island of Haiti.
5) It is also greek for "hot" or "of the desired"
WARNING: Often causes anyone in a two-mile radius to hump the air widly while waving their hands in the air. Do not let around small children. Not suitable for anyone under three. CAUTION Flammable. Keep away from attractive males, is known to become a "Jamie Lynn" when around them. CAUTION Full of Radioactive Toxins. DO NOT INGEST MORE THEN TWICE.
Oh, and she tastes awesome.
"Hey did you see that Mo Mo Shieka last night? I'd love to sex that up!"
by Sir Finklestein May 07, 2008
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