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Any sort of pariah.
A mizzel is a person that when direct contact is made with him/her he/she will become fidgety and twitch about.
It is not uncommon for a mizzel to smell, hoard things, have old clothes and express casual lateness.
A misunderstood character at best.
Often the first person to be blamed when domestic discrepencies arise.
"Oh my God! Rose! Look at that mizzel! Why is he sweating so much?"

"My phone went missing, which one of you mizzels took it!?"
by Rosalyn Carter March 22, 2008
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Mizzel is Dirty South Gangster term for beaing fucking rich wit millions of dollaz.
"I'm higher than a hizzeel, mind on a mizzell"
by WestSide4Life July 03, 2003
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