Mizuna, The Saiyan Menace. He (Slaughters) Worlds with ease, tormenting even his entire timeline.

This Menace is badass and merciless, one of the strongest people to ever enter the universe.
How can we beat Mizuna? He’s too Overpowered!
by FD123 November 5, 2021
A female of japanese origin with majestic hair and round face. Defined as the cutest creature on earth. Wears glasses but takes them off occasionally in order to impress the male audience. Shy to the extreme, this is the type of girl any guy would try for but never gets in high school due to her overly shy and sensitive nature as well as her wish to excell in her studies. When asked out by a male, she will never answer directly-instead she will run away and tell them to contact her later by indirect means such as msn or phone. This is her method of rejecting a guy as she is too shy to do it face to face. Her favourite rejection sentence: "Let's just stay friends" or "I don't see you as anything more than a friend".
You are nearly as shy as Mizuna, and THAT is saying something
by thunderbear999 May 13, 2010