Mizuki Akiyama is a character from Hatsune Miku; Colorful Stage (or Project Sekai; Colorful Stage!) Their gender is concurrently vague, and in the Official English Translation, they are referred to with They/Them pronouns.
This does not mean that they are non-binary.

They're apart of the group Nightcord at 25:00, and have close ties to Ena Shinonome specifically.
Their focus songs as of 4/23/23 are IDSMILE, Lower Ones Eyes and kimi no yoru wo kure (Give Me Your Night).
Person A: Mizuki Akiyama is my favorite Project Sekai character!

Person B: Same here! They're so relatable!
by ClockworkCake April 24, 2023
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Mizuki Akiyama is like the best character on project sekai. they are in the group "Nightcord at 25:00" and they are a canon non binary AND THEY FUCKING SLAY
"I don't like Mizuki Akiyama ."
"kys- they are the best character😡"
by r4nd0m..s1mp December 8, 2022
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The beautiful, dazzling queen. The representative of all transfems. Her voice is beautiful, her hair is perfect, she is perfect.
Mizuki Akiyama is the best character of all time.
by limelipslover October 23, 2023
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Akiyama Mizuki is a character from project sekai / Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! who uses they / them pronouns and is implied to be transfem.
Person 1 : bro I LOOOVEEE akiyama mizuki
Person 2 : I love mizuki too
Person 1 : Mizuki supremacy
by vira! ~ November 13, 2022
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