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1. A creature resembling a human and an octopus; it has a human head and an octopus torso. The human head is covered in thick, wiry hair that is usually pulled back into a bun. It is a story used to scare children, and was created by a freak accident involving a 7th grader and a science classroom. It primarily dwells in water, although it is quite fast on land. It generally lives on the east coast of the United States of America. Its diet consists of barbecued children between the ages of 5 and 20. It has traps set up around the world to catch said children. These traps work only on the targeted children. There is only one known to exist. It usually targets children who haven't tidied up their rooms, because it is a natural neat freak and will often kill adults who eat messily, only out of rage.

2. A popular dance, similar to the Hawaiian "wave".
Tara: Someone help! I'm in a Mitrapus trap!
Alice: I would help you but I'm 8.
Tara: Get me an adult!
Alice: No sorry too busy gathering scientific evidence of its existence.
Tara: Please?
Alice: Imma instagram this *takes picture and leaves*
Tara: *sobs*
by SwampsofSlobber February 28, 2013
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