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Crazy weird, and awkward. But they both have good sides of being reliable, daring, and brave. Mitchell has an amazing smile, somewhat blonde hair like JB and a great personalty that can make anyone laugh. Which is all what Lian needs. Lian was brown eyes that can see right past everything bad, a personality that makes everyone her friend, and a special way of looking at things that makes her really weird. Which is what Mitchell is. They have quite an interesting relationship that hopefully gets better. It's really awkward for them right now though, but they still like each other.
Cheers to the cutest couple in school!
Lian, are you free sometime next weekend?

Hairspray? Or Cailou? CAILOU!!!

Reece, Kit, Mitchell and Lian hang out all the time! Of course they are all friends!!!

Mitchell, will you go out with me?
by I'mARawringDinosaur April 30, 2013
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