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A missycake is a woman, maybe in her 40's, who's been around the block but not worn out.
She never dates boys, only men, and once she has found her man she is 200% loyal.
She's cool and knows her age but can hold her head up against any younger girl. She looks OK to babelicious but says looks are nothing compared with soul and spirit.

She can provide her man with good food.
If you fuck up, she will curse you out using worse words than you. But she don't ever diss you in front of anybody else but is behind you all the way, and she forgives and forgets.
She can be hotter sexually than you ever imagined it was possible for a woman to be.
Overall, she is the best you have ever known but you have to give yourself the chance to see it.
You might consider settling down with a missycake because from that point on, life will be gooood! And she would agree with you.
Any girl who tries to be missycake will fail. It's in the blood or it ain't.
She can be the girl next door, the girl at checkout, a lawyer or the curvy cop that just pulled you over. Who knows?
Kevin: Wow! Jack married Irene? She's over 40!
Chuck: Forget that, kiddo. She's missycake.
Kevin: No shit? Lucky bastard!
A Missycake is not a Stepford Wife. She's your lover and your drinking buddy.
by archie optrix May 30, 2010
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