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Pronunciation: (mis-lun-der-stand)

1. To misunderstand a concept to such an unbelievably inept degree that it can only be explained by an unfathomable level of stupidity or an unprecedented level of wilful ignorance.

2. To misunderstand a concept so completely, or pretend to in such an egregious manner, that it is pitiful and/or hilarious for anyone listening to you talk about it, (except those who have the same misslunderstanding).

Named after Chuck Missler for his attempt to disprove the Theory of Evolution with a jar of peanut butter.
1. In his peanut butter video, Chuck Missler demonstrates a complete misslunderstanding of evolutionary theory.

2. Kent Hovind would not be in jail right now if he did not misslunderstand US tax law. When he was in court, he professed such a blatant misslunderstanding of the charges against him that the judge was forced to question his ability to comprehend the English language.
by IRON MAN Australia May 23, 2007
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