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Rarely executed successfully. Involves crossing the maximum number of lanes immediately after merging onto a swift moving freeway with the goal of simply proving ones cunning behind the wheel. A perfect MLC would be executed by angling one's vehicle perpindicular to the center divider or perhaps even angling the nose of the vehicle slightly towards the flow of traffic.

Despite the common misconception that the traffic manuever originated in the Magnolia State (Mississippi), it is derived from the techniques used to cross a swift moving river and is actually most commonly seen in more cosmopolitan and populated parts of our nation such as Los Angeles, Boston, and other urban centers.
"Did you see that guy just do a Mississippi Lane Change to get to the D-lane?!"

"I got side swiped by some jackoff trying to pull an MLC on the 405 this morning on my way to work."
by Steve Devious July 03, 2006
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