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Two words best describe a Miss-Alliy person and they are Queen Bee. There are many different reasons for why she is titled QB by her friends.

She knows how to party and kicks on! Keeps the party alive and there is never ever a dull moment with her.

She is generous and outgoing. She always puts other people first in every situation.

She is gorgeous and captivates people not only with her beautiful face but also with her easy going laid back up for anything energetic optermistic extrovert personality.

But don't double cross her, because she can snap from sweet to sour and knows how to serve a cold dish of revenge.

Apart from the personality traits, Alliy is also named QB for the following.
She gets things done
She is always available to help anyone
She finds things when they are lost
She has a solution to almost every problem
Her optermistic outlook on life rubs off on others.

She is just so fun to be around.
Damn that girl holds her head up like Miss-Alliy and looks so fly.
by Themissalliyclub January 03, 2014
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