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The keyboardist and vocalist for the Canadian Emo-Alternative band "Your Favorite Enemies." Has an incredible voice and is beautiful. Miss Isabel could kick Britney Spears's ass any day of the week! Maybe because you don't hear her on the radio doesn't mean she's not good :) I may also have a huge crush on her ^///^ Though she deserves it, look at her picture on the album "Love Is a Promise Whispering Goodbye" and listen to her voice and tell me she isn't beautiful!
Me: Miss Isabel's voice conjures up emotions with her voice.

Person: Lyke who is dat?

Me: Miss Isabel, the female vocalist for the band Your Favorite Enemies.

Person: No wa! 5h3 isnt brtny spers so I not gonna listen.

Me: Suit yourself, I'll just keep the incredible almost orgasmic voice of her to myself.
by Midnight Crashing March 08, 2010
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