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Derived from the word "Teddy-bear" in Polish. Used to describe a cute and cuddly person.
She is such a Misiu, she is always ready to cuddle. Ania is such a cuddly Misiu.
by M@RT!N November 10, 2009
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Taken from Michal; An amazing, gorgeous, sexy Polish man, who has a keen interest in getting naked at every given opportunity, especially when drunk. He has his quiet moments but most of the time you will find him at the centre of attention. A great people person and someone who everyone aspires to be! Some may also refer to him as a poo-head but a Misiu comes with a whole variety of nicknames... Misiu can always be found with thumbs in good health as they get particular exercise thanks to gaming, however the rest of him is pretty fit too ;)
Person 1: That Polish boy is a very attractive chap
Person 2: He is rather, isn't he...
Person 1: He also has a big package...
Person 2: Ahh it must be Misiu!
by jenksypoo August 03, 2009
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polish fuck who distills alcohol then goes around high school drunk selling it to kids he knows and sometimes dealcoholizes it and sells that to children he doesn't know.
Misiu sold me some liquor and i got hammered.
by some high school kid December 06, 2012
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