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Alternate name for a girl named Michelle. Generally extremely intelligent, attractive, funny and easygoing. Beer pong champion of the world, and master drunk texter. Additionally, one of the best friends you'll ever have.

Quite unattainable to males. Not because she has anything against them, but rather because she is way too hot for any guy at any place she ever goes.

Also known as Temps, because she has the best butt of any person who ever lived.
"Bro I'm looking for a good time tonight, wanna go lurk and do youth-related, sometimes illegal, activities?"
"Hell yeah! let's invite Miselbertus because she's the best wingman ever"

"I never cried about losing beer pong until I cried about losing to Amber and Miselbertus."

Actual text from Miselbertus: "Chris, I feel like my life purpose is to drunk text you right now"
by hBIDDY May 08, 2011
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